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  4. Mounting Kits
  5. Orders
  6. Payment Methods
  7. Shipping Costs
  8. Pick-up Goods
  9. Warranty
  10. Product Damage in Transit
  11. Returns and Refunds
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The items we sell are copies of original parts. Almost all parts are E-approved.


When ordering, a purchase agreement has not been made until Fixa Bildelar has confirmed the order via an e-mail confirmation. At any inaccuracies in the indication of price, delivery, etc., we reserve the right to correct this.

We check all orders against original part catalogs so that You get the right parts.


All prices include 25% VAT. Prices are for the time being subject to errors, greater exchange rate fluctuations as well as goods sold out.

Mounting Kits

You can order mounting parts for the part or parts that you ordered from us. (Note that it is not possible to buy mounting kits seperately.)

Standard Price 99 SEK including VAT.


Orders are made via the webshop.

Payment Methods

1. Advance payments through PayEx.

2. . No additional charge.

3. Klarna. Payment with Klarna. 14 day payment period from the sending. (SEK 50.00 charge).

4. Partial Payment via Klarna. Pay starting at 50 SEK/month, or 1/24th of total price. See Checkout page for complete terms. (29 KR fee).

5. Cash or credit card payment when collecting at the store, Årsta skolgränd 16 C, 11743 Stockholm. Behind Årstaberg Train Station.

Shipping Costs

For private clients packages are normally sent to parcel service agents. Sweden and Norway. When the package is longer (140 cm) + all packages to Denmark and Finland the parcel service company will deliver to the home of a customer. Packets longer than 180 cm is classified as 40 kg package.

For corporate clients send packets to the business address.

Prices Sweden:
5 kg SEK 103, 7 kg SEK 126, 9 kg SEK 171, 12 kg SEK 209, 15 kg SEK 248, 20 kg SEK 289, 30 kg SEK 311, 40 kg SEK 437 samt 50 kg SEK 599.

Prices Denmark and Finland: 
5 kg SEK 251, 7 kg SEK 285, 9 kg SEK 323, 12 kg SEK 360, 15 kg SEK 430, 20 kg SEK 495, 30 kg SEK 565 and 40 kg SEK 610.

Pricing Norway: 5 kg SEK 285, 7 kg SEK 323, 9 kg SEK 360, 12 kg SEK 430, 15 kg SEK 495, 20 kg SEK 595, 30 kg SEK 695, 40 kg SEK 795 and 50 kg SEK 895.

Norweigan customers pay a local charge to UPS in Norway for customs and VAT handling.
UPS charge for packages with value under NOK 4429 excluding VAT: NOK 158.
UPS charge for packages with value over NOK 4429 excluding VAT: The fee is 3,5% of the total value.

Pick-up Goods

You are welcome to pick up your order in Årsta. Opening hours are 8 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday. Orders remain for 14 days, then the order is cancelled and the parts taken off the collection shelf. Please note that for the non stock items there is a cancellation fee of 50% after 14 days if the goods are not collected.


The warranty period is between 12 and 30 months depending on the manufacturer. The warranty covers product defects that existed at delivery. For pending warranty claims  Fix a Bildelar (FB) pay for freight to and from the customer. First Fixa Bildelar should confirm before a return can be made. If there is a complaint of a catalyst, a exhaust test should be done by the workshop. Submit the test results, measured by the workshop, to Fixa Bildelar. Test results are then sent to the manufacturer for analysis.

The diesel particulate filter comes to mounting instructions must be followed for warranty to be valid. When not working, DPFs will be tested in the manufacturer's laboratory.
Read on front page for more specific information about the installation of the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter. Please see front page titles of "Catalyst" and "Diesel particulate filter".

Product Damage in Transit

Check the product on arrival. In case of damage, notify Fixa Bildelar as soon as possible.

Returns and Refunds

According to the Swedish consumer code, the customer has a 14 day contrition period. It is important that you contact Fixa Bildelar for approval of the return before returning the package. Note that the right of return does not apply if goods are used, have been mounted (lambada sensor) or Fixa Bildelar have not given its approval for the return. Parts with paste on will not be returned.

Not Picked-up Packages sent to the agent or directly with the Following Requirements / Klarna invoice

If the customer does not retrieve goods ordered within 14 days, the package will be returned and the customer charged a handling fee of 300-500 incl VAT. The fee covers handling costs, and costs for shipping to and from the order destination.

Parts that Do Not Fit

If a part does not fit, please contact Fixa Bildelar immediately. Fixa Bildelar does not replace the cost of alterations after they have been made.

Privacy Policy

You can read our privacy policy here.


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Since 2009, we have sold catalytic converters, silencers, diesel particulate filters and other exhaust components. We offer high quality parts to probably scandinavia's best prices. You can save up to 50% compared with spare stores in Scandinavia. Search 26,000 parts and save hundreds of Euros when you repair the car.

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