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About Fixa Bildelar Europa AB

Since 2009, we have sold catalytic converters, mufflers and other exhaust components. We offer high quality parts to Sweden's probably most competetive prices. You can save up to 50% compared to other auto parts stores in Sweden. Search among 26.000 parts and save thousands of SEK when you repair your car.

It all started when the front exhaust pipe on a Volkswagen Passat gave up. The price for a new pipe was around SEK 2300. After some searching around Europe, we were able to offer a similar pipe for SEK 1300 incl VAT. Since then the price has been lowered to SEK 797 incl VAT. Now over 150 satisfied customers have saved over SEK 1000 on this one front pipe.

The front exhaust pipe was our first product, and since then our portfolio has grown exponentially. Today we have over 26,000 parts to over 50 car brands, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

We often get asked how we can have such good prices. The answer is that we have established contacts with quality manufacturers around the world where the prices are considerably lower than here in Scandinavia.

Not only are our products cheap - you get at least 24 months warranty on product defects, in some cases 30 months. The parts are also almost always e-approved.

You can also buy a complete mounting kit for your product at an affordable price. Both mounting and buying becomes easier, and you'll save both time and money.

If you can't find what you are looking for - feel free to give us a call us at +46 (0)8-996996, and we'll help you find the right parts. Our customer service is open 8 - 5 PM all weekdays.

Of course you can also send us an email with your registration number. Our goal is that you should receive a response within 24 hours by email.

Welcome to Fixa Bildelar!

Best regards,
Björn, Eskil, Lars, Anders, Bob and Cilla

Fixa Bildelar Europa AB

Årsta skolgränd 16 C, 11743 Stockholm
Back side of house 16, customer parking by entrance.

Postadress: Fixa Bildelar Europa AB, Årsta skolgränd 16 C, 11743 Stockholm.
Orgnr: 5568678832


Since 2009, we have sold catalytic converters, silencers, diesel particulate filters and other exhaust components. We offer high quality parts to probably scandinavia's best prices. You can save up to 50% compared with spare stores in Scandinavia. Search 26,000 parts and save hundreds of Euros when you repair the car.

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